Gray Cup: The Blue Bombers burst into tears

The word “horror” is too weak to describe the state of mind inside the locker room of the Winnipeg Blue Bombers, the hapless Gray Cup finalists for the second year in a row, on Sunday.

In Manitoba, many fans were expecting to see their favorite team redeem a one-point loss to the Toronto Argonauts a year earlier. Bettors and most observers shared this sentiment: After all, head coach Mike O’Shea’s team went 14-4 in the regular season, beating the Alouettes twice.

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However, the Canadian Football League West champions couldn’t contain the momentum of running back Cody Fajardo on the Sparrows’ final offensive sequence late in the game and the 28-24 loss will haunt their minds for the rest of the game. game. ‘winter.

“It’s just sad and disappointing,” Bombers center Zach Collaros told the media, fighting back tears. You play to win a game, to win the last game of the year, and we came up short. As a team, Montreal did better than us. I’m very sad, because there are a lot of good guys here and you don’t want to let people down. It’s horrible.”

The feeling of helplessness was clearly visible in running back Brady Oliveira who ran for 119 yards and a touchdown. Canada’s campaigner par excellence sobbed as he expressed his dismay.

“The season I played this year was a total waste. I didn’t achieve what I wanted. I didn’t set any individual goals for myself. I wanted to help the club and my city win the championship. “We didn’t get the job done,” he said, according to the Winnipeg Sun.

In search of answers

On O’Shea’s part, the disappointment is certainly great, although he described the match as “fun” for the public. It remains that the analysis of failure will require time and more reason than emotion. “Everything remains to be determined. You have to find out what explains why you won or lost, and then continue to follow the process,” he said on TSN.

If a bomber pilot wants to identify missing elements, he can look in the direction of the defense. Without being mediocre, he collapsed at the most inconvenient moments.

“The touchdown at the beginning of the second half (23-yard catch by Cole Spieker) and the one at the end (by Tyson Philpot), those were the two plays that allowed them to win the game. We have to give them the credit they deserve,” defensive end Willie Jefferson said.

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