Golden Knights prevent Dominique Ducharme from speaking to Quebec media

A wind of nostalgia is blowing through Quebec today. Karl Tremblay’s loss is felt everywhere. That will certainly be the case tonight at the Bell Center, while the Golden Knights will be in Montreal.

If a video will probably be presented in honor of the Cowboys Fringants singer, we can also expect a tribute to Dominique Ducharme, who is returning to the metropolis tonight.

With his return, the nostalgia for winning the Stanley Cup in 2021 reappears. We must not forget that Ducharme, despite the criticism on his account, was at the head of the team that fancied his fans all summer.

Vegas head coach Bruce Cassidy addressed the media and had only kind words for his current assistant coach. He sees himself in himself after he too had a hard time at the end of his first coaching experience in the NHL, in Washington.

It’s a shame that the media didn’t get a chance to talk to Ducharme about his return. As reported by JF ChaumontGolden Knights policy prevents assistants from giving interviews.

Whether it suits Ducharme or not, it takes some getting used to.

It is not the only team that has a similar policy Guy Boucher, Sheldon Keefe’s assistant coach in Toronto, did not speak to reporters in Montreal not even at the beginning of the season.

So it exists throughout the NHL, but it’s still a shame.

What about the Canadian? We have already heard from media assistants during the season, either at press conferences or in individual interviews.

I understand that there should be a certain rigidity in the matter of representatives. It is not for them to take the blame for defeat, for example. However, during special events like tonight’s game, you should be able to talk to Ducharme.

After all, the main topic of conversation would be his return and his memories in the metropolis.


I wonder what the reception will be like for Dominique Ducharme tonight. We know what he achieved, but we also remember his stormy departure.

He has long been blamed, rightly or wrongly, for the failures of Cole Caufield.

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