Future behind the bench for Daniel Alfredsson?

The absence of Ottawa Senators assistant coach Bob Jones during the team’s trip to Sweden allowed DJ Smith, the club’s head coach, to call Daniel Alfredsson behind the bench for games against the Detroit Red Wings and Minnesota Wild. However, it was a real success.

The players were unanimous on this issue: the presence of a person who works on player development and with the “Sens” coaches at these two meetings was extremely useful.

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“Just his aura, I mean, it’s ‘Alfie,'” forward Josh Norris told reporters on Thursday. He’s easy to talk to, he’s positive on the bench, especially when something bad happens during a game or not. He doesn’t talk all the time, but he knows when he needs to.”

“Yes, he helps in several aspects,” forward Vladimir Tarasenko said. You can hear his opinions, you can share things with him, even when it comes to everyday life. We had the same experience with St. Louis Blues, the year we were champions (2019), with Larry Robinson.

The experience of the legend of the club from Ottawa as a player is extremely useful to the coaching staff.

“He’s valuable in a lot of ways,” DJ Smith said. During training sessions, video sessions or even interviews with players, he understands and feels like a player, so he knows what he wants to hear and that helps a lot.

However, we shouldn’t expect the former number 11 to feature alongside Smith in future matches.

“Bob Jones did not travel with us to Sweden. So I thought it was a good idea to have him on the bench with us. It’s certainly an option for us, but Jones is back and he’s also a big part of the team.

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