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Alex Newhook scored twice Wednesday night in Anaheim, five points in his last three games, to extend his career high to 12 points in 19 games. At this rate, the 22-year-old would score a career-high 52 points. If he seems established that he is more effective on the wing, he is quietly cementing his place in the front three.

Recruited at 16e ranked in 2019, one place behind Cole Caufield, also came within three points, with one more goal, without participating in the first wave of numerical superiority.

For some, the Canadian paid dearly to get him by offering a first- and second-round pick and a young Gianni Fairbrother. The mention of a first-round pick strikes the imagination, but on the 31ste the choice as a whole is far from having the value of a choice in first 10or even choice in first 15. Success rate 37e the overall selection, in the second round, is even lower.

Between 25e and 40e rank, the chances of getting hold of an established player are slim. According to the data, a National League team would have a 3% chance of landing a star by picking between the 31st.e and 45e rank. The rate increases to 30% for a regular NHL player. Consider the choices of Canadians in these waters between 2012 and 2018.


  • 35e Jesse Ylonen
  • 38e Alexander Romanov

in 2017


in 2014

in 2013

  • 25e Michael McCarron
  • 34e Jacob De La Rose
  • 36e Zachary Fucale


Of the nine players, only Romanov belongs to a top 4 defensively or in one of the first three lines. Can this be attributed to the Canadian’s draft failures? Let’s expand the sample to all NHL teams with a choice between 31e and 37e inclusive by choice, during five randomly selected vintages, between 2018 and 2014 inclusive.


  • 31e Alexander Alekseev
  • 32e Mattias Samuelsson
  • 33e Jonathan Berggren
  • 34e Serron Noel
  • 35e Jesse Ylonen
  • 36e Jared McIsaac
  • 37e Jett Woo

in 2017

  • 31e Kim Kostin
  • 32e Conor Timmins
  • 33e Kole Lind
  • 34e Nicolas Hague
  • 35e Isaac Ratcliffe
  • 36e Jesper Boqvist
  • 37e Marcus Davidson


  • 31e Yegor Korshkov
  • 32e Tyler Benson
  • 33e Rasmus Aplund
  • 34e Andrew Peeke
  • 35e Jordan Kyrou
  • 36e Pascal Laberge
  • 37e Libor Hajek


  • 31e Jeremy Roy
  • 32e Christian Fischer
  • 33e Mitchell Stephens
  • 34e Travis Dermott
  • 35e Sebastian Aho
  • 36e Gabriel Gagne
  • 37e Brandon Carlo

in 2014

  • 31e Brendan Lemieux
  • 32e Jayce Hawryluk
  • 33e Ivan Barbashev
  • 34e Mason McDonald
  • 35e Dominik Masin
  • 36e Thatcher Demko
  • 37e Alex Nedeljkovic

The first instinct will be to call up Sebastian Aho, a steal at 35e ranked in 2015, the number one center for the Carolina Hurricanes for several seasons. We also have the Canucks’ number one goaltender, Thatcher Demko, one of the Blues’ best forwards, Jordan Kyrou, 73 points, including 37 goals last year, Ivan Barbashev, who is smoking in the playoffs with the Vegas Golden Knights in the series, and Brandon Carlo, the Bruins’ fourth defenseman in many seasons, and Mattias Samuelsson of the Sabers and Nicolas Hague, defenders similar to Carl.

Now let’s look at the prospects. That’s the top seven players out of 35 picks, a success rate of only 20%, but only three stars, for a success rate of only 9%.

Furthermore, 19 of these selections played fewer than 100 games in the National Hockey League. Your chances of drafting a fringe or American League player are therefore about 54%. Twenty-eight of these 35 picks do not belong to any of the top three, one top 4 defensive end or starting goalie position in the NHL.

Do the math. We offer you a young 21-year-old striker drafted in peak 16 four years earlier. This boy has been in the National League for two years, but he failed to live up to the expectations of the powerful team, the Colorado Avalanche. He did have two seasons of 30 or more points before turning 22, though.

You have two tickets to draw. Both offer you a 20% chance of landing a player from one of the top three defensive lines or quartet, but only a 9% chance of finding a star. Against Newhook. do you

Makar wins in the first round


Chale Makar

Cale Makar wasn’t about to let Quinn Hughes get away with the top scorer title so easily. On Wednesday, Makar scored two points in 24:36, one more than Quinn Hughes, more than 27 minutes from Rick Tocchet, and the Avalanche defeated the Canucks 5-2.

Two of the top three scorers in the NHL are now defensemen, Hughes with 31 points in 20 games and Makar with 29 points in 18 games. The only intruder top 3Hughes’ teammate JT Miller with 30 points.

There are also two defensemen 6-foot-1 or less, the fourth drafted in 2017 in the case of Makar and the seventh in 2018 for Hughes because the first pick may not have dared to take a small defenseman.

By the way, Jonathan Drouin scored two points in just over 13 minutes of play in this match and now has 5 points in 16 games.

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