Expansion Changes: Martin St-Louis doesn’t want to know anything

The National Hockey League is investigating new expansion possibilitiesbut if it were up to Montreal Canadiens head coach Martin St-Louis, there would be no changes to the current format.

“There is nothing that needs to be changed,” he said bluntly on Thursday when asked about it. There’s a lot more strategy than when it started, it’s very organized, but I don’t think it needs to change. It’s up to us as coaches to find ways to take advantage of the situation.”

The leaders of the Bettman circle who want to make changes want to do so in order to see fewer matches that go to shootouts and to have the right to a better three-on-three spectacle.

St. Louis would also like to see more games decided in overtime rather than shootouts, but he doesn’t want to see longer periods of overtime either.

“Yes (I would like to have more time in overtime), but at the same time, we have 82 games,” he said. I’d rather see the game go to extra time, but not at the cost of going to extra time. Stretching out for one game, ok, but you don’t know how many overtimes you’re going to have and that’s a lot of mileage on (players’) bodies. I think it’s fine just the way it is.”

Watch Martin St-Louis’ press briefing in the video above.

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