Elliotte Friedman doesn’t believe much in that

The Oilers need a goaltender for…obvious reasons. The club is great on paper, but Cerberi have been dragging the club down since the beginning of the season.

And when I say since the beginning of the season, I mean longer than that.

The Oilers, however, do not want to panic. They are not interested in large transactions and that is why nothing is moving in Alberta right now.

The other teams are waiting for the Netherlands with a brick and a lantern.

But that doesn’t stop club members from doing their homework anyway. And as Elliotte Friedman reported Saturday night, three CH goalies are in the sights of the Oilers.

In the margins of his podcast, 32 thoughts, the informant added more.

According to him, the Oilers watched three Canadian goaltenders during CH’s home games last week. Is that why the three kept their goals? Most likely yes.

Still, according to Friedman, it would be more surprising if it was Jake Allen who headed for Alberta than either of his two young counterparts in the end.

It’s very possible, in the end, that none of the three will head to Alberta. After all, if it’s not Allen, if the Oilers don’t necessarily see Cayden Primeau as a solution, and if Samuel Montembeault isn’t tradeable (unless they have a month), it just might not work out.

At $3.85 million per season for the next 19 months, Jake Allen isn’t necessarily the most attractive goaltender … and one might wonder if a goaltender, who can refuse certain transactions, wants to go to Edmonton?

The question, however, is how far the Canadian is progressing in contract negotiations with Samuel Montembeault. After all, is also associated with the fileIt.

Here is what the journalist said on the subject:

I think the Canadian would like to clarify Montembeault. – Elliott Friedman

Friedman says he doesn’t know where the Canadian stands in negotiations with the Quebec goalkeeper. But if things aren’t progressing quickly and CH wants to solve his trio, could that change things?

Whether agreeing to sign the Quebecer or making a trade involving Montembeault or Primeau, options are on the table for a GM weary of the ménage à trois. It is not obvious in managing the rest of the workforceIt.

Because goaltenders with a no-go (or no-go) clause aren’t always willing to accept a trade to Edmonton, and because Jack Campbell isn’t finding his way north in the AHL, Montembeault or Primeau are realistic options.

To share the duties with Stuart Skinner, the Oilers may not say no.

The Canadian does not want to do lasting pleasure with their goalkeepers and surely the goalkeepers are fed up with sharing the net like this. Will Kent Hughes be patient much longer?

Let’s remind, recently, name of Xavier Bourgault introduced to the discussion by Darren Dreger.

A lots of

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– Jayden Struble is excited.

– explains Marc-Antoine Dequoy.

– Anyway.

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