Duckworth et Bergs ont rendez-vous en finale

Duckworth and Bergs meet in the final

TENNIS. LLogic was respected at the eighth Challenger Banque Nationale de Drummondville. In the grand final this Sunday at 11 a.m. in the René-Verrier indoor tennis center, the last two seeds, Australian James Duckworth and Belgian Zizou Bergs, will meet.

Sixth favorite of the tournament and 174th in the ATP rankings, Zizou Bergs would undoubtedly have preferred to fight Czech Michael Vrbenski (336th) in the semifinals on Saturday, but the latter had to withdraw from the tournament due to an injury, which therefore leaves Bergs free for the final match.

Thus, the semi-final between the second seed, James Duckworth and his Australian compatriot Li Tu, managed to move something forward, just after the doubles final. The 520 spectators who filled the stands of the central playground had to wait a bit before witnessing this match, but they understood this danger, which unfortunately the organizers had no control over.

Their patience was rewarded with a very interesting match in which James Duckworth won in sets 6-4 and 6-3.

James Duckworth. (Photo: courtesy)

This is how it ended Li Tu’s wonderful journey (271st in the world) in Drummondville. “He never knew how to find his rhythm on the return serve, while his opponent showed him all the colors with a lot of variations and big backhand serves,” analyzed Anthony Caillé, tournament spokesman.

James Duckworth has done just enough during opponents’ bad runs. The world number 113 played probably his best match of the week with the first victory that did not require a final round.

Goransson and Samuel champions in pairs

The morning started very well, with a very exciting doubles final between Canadian Liam Draxle and British Giles Hussey on one side, and Swedish Andre Goransson and British Toby Samuel on the other.

The dynamic duo of Draxl/Hussey, who quickly won over the crowd, battled fiercely with Goransson and Samuel, a tandem of two doubles specialists. In the end, they showed why they are second favorites in the table, winning in the decisive tiebreak with 6-7, 6-3 and 10-8.

Everything is ready for the grand final of the singles, this Sunday, at 11 a.m., in the René-Verrier indoor tennis center.

Zizou Bergs, undoubtedly a little more rested, has a meeting with James Duckworth. But anyone who could predict the outcome of this match is very smart,” concluded Drummondville Challenger Communications Manager, Bernard Gauthier. (JH)

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