Defeat and several blows for Markiz

The defeat, which contributes to a certain decline in Marquis’ rating that has been happening lately, seemed not to please the leader of the Greens, coach Bob Desjardins. But far from being discouraged, he believes that his team will emerge stronger from these difficult times.

“There is nothing to win in November. Before you can win, you have to learn to lose. We learn to lose,” said Bob Desjardins.

Markiz had a disappointing start to the match. As the skaters raced from one end of the ice to the other as soon as the puck was dropped, a lightning strike seemed likely. This prediction came true when Yann Sauvé scored the home goal with 1:24 left, to the silence of the 2,300 fans in attendance.

Marquis did not improve his situation in the first period. Marc-André Tourigny put his team in a fragile position, racking up four penalty minutes for a hit and a holding, in the same sequence at 6:47. Fortunately, Jonquière coach Bob Desjardins’ shortened unit held firm.

This great defensive effort was punctuated by impressive plays, which seemed to embolden Marquis’ troops or, at the very least, tire Laval’s.

So Vincent Drolet equalized at 11:16, a few tens of seconds after Tourigny jumped on the ice once again. On this sequence he was assisted by Simon-Claude Blackburn and Louis-Philippe Simard.

Unfortunately for the home side, Yann Sauvé had another lightning strike in reserve, and the second time he needed less time. A total of 29 seconds passed during the second period, before the Oilers erased the tie.

With his team leading for a few minutes, Oiler Nico Blachman took a hard hit with the stick of a Marquis player that even broke his shoulder blade, sending him to the penalty box for four minutes.

Pétroliers’ third goal after the penalty really hurt, 13:05.

An almost general brawl broke out in which Petroliers goalkeeper Dominic Graham tried to deal with the quarrelsome Cloutier. Marquis was awarded only one penalty kick of two minutes.

Laval also took advantage, scoring his fourth goal in 15:23.

After that, the match became very slow. Repeated and back-to-back fights seemed to push the officials to their limits, sending both teams to their benches twice during the final two minutes of the second period.

Between those two periods, a man attracted attention when he was arrested by the police, in front of a crowd of people outside. According to the information received The Daily, a man allegedly threatened one of the two teams, possibly with death. Another spectator, whose role in this story is not known, wanted to fight him, even with the presence of the police. The latter managed to return to his place in the arena.

Back inside, Marquis began the third period with two dominant goals, scored within six minutes of each other. The highly experienced Donald Brashear and Louis-Philippe Denis were the architects of what appeared to be comebacks in the making, at 4:11 and 5:50 respectively.

Unfortunately for the home team, hopes disappeared at 13:59, when the visitors’ fifth goal was scored. The sixth still followed, 30 seconds before the end.

Marquis de Jonquière plays its next match, against Assurancia de Thetford Mines, next Friday at 8 pm at the Palais des sports.

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