Davis Cup > Novak Djokovic, who lost his temper again: “During the entire match, there was a lack of respect. But again, that’s something I have to prepare for.”

During his appearance at the press conference that followed by winning against Cameron Norrie in the quarterfinals of the Davis CupNovak Djokovic was inevitably asked to his quarrel with a section of the British public during his postgame interview he conducted on the field.

And according to him, his reaction was legitimate.

“During the entire game, there was a lack of respect. But again, this is something I have to prepare for. You know, in the Davis Cup it’s normal for the fans to sometimes overdo it, and in the heat of the moment you react and somehow show that you don’t allow such behavior. The fans can do what they want, but I will react. That happened. And at the end, for those who were there, you saw, I was trying to talk, and they deliberately started playing the drums so that I wouldn’t talk, and they tried to annoy me the whole game. So, yes, we talked a little at the end (smile). »

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