David Reinbacher looked crazy this afternoon during a sequence

David Reinbacher missed seven of his team’s games in Switzerland due to injury. Although this was not ideal for his progress, major complications, including a fracture, were avoided.

However, he has not been very dominant since returning to the game. And today, in his fourth game since his return, he looked a little crazy in one sequence.

He lost his balance on his field (while the goalkeeper was on the bench) trying to feint. Result: the opponent scored and EHC Kloten also escaped the match with a score of 5-2.

Kloten has not won since November 3rd. Since then, the club has played three games.

Reinbacher finished the game today with minus 1, in 19:28 minutes of the game. For those interested, Nathan Beaulieu, new acquisition of the teamhe didn’t collect a point, but he finished the game with four shots on goal.

But as far as the Canadian’s current protégé is concerned, things are not going well. As Marc Dumont indicated in his tweet above, he appears to be hesitant on the ice and has been since his return to the lineup. Proof of this is the sequence at the end of the afternoon game: he was trying to do too much, and numerous PK Subban-style feints did not help him.

Is he still suffering from injuries? Could be.

Since returning to the lineup, he has yet to register a point. In seven games this season, he scored once and had one assist.

Reinbacher and his teammates will not return to the field for another six days, when they will visit Freiburg. The focus will be on the head coach to see if he can find solutions for his team, which has suffered four defeats in its last five games and is currently second to last in the league. The situation is far from ideal.

A lots of

“Hello, Kirby.”

– To be continued.

– A good start to the season for him.

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