David Perron’s goal inspired by Karl Tremblay

Detroit Red Wings forward David Perron scored a very unusual goal on Thursday in Sweden against the Ottawa Senators.

Touched by the death of Cowboys Fringants singer Karl Tremblay, Perron decided to write the singer’s initials “KT” on his stick before the game.

As fate would have it, defender Olli Maatta’s shot bounced off Perron’s glove and the letters KT on his stick before entering the net.

“I never do this, but Karl was such an influence on my adolescence that during today’s match I decided to write the initials KT on my stick,” Perron explained on the X Network.

“The puck rose like a shooting star before entering the goal. Life is well done, it gives you goosebumps!”

Watch the video above to see which goal we are talking about.

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