CH practice… bench changes

At the heart of the difficult sequence, the Canadian held a more technical session in Anaheim on Tuesday as the changes were rehearsed.

Several times in the last matches, CH players were caught in a bad position when returning to the bench.

In the second period, while the bench was more distant, the Canadian remained closed in his zone, which the opponents took advantage of.

And Martin St-Louis recognizes it. Rehearsing changes on the bench is not “fun” for the players, but necessary to correct some details.

During the JiC Checking segment, host Jean-Charles Lajoie seemed surprised by this part of the training.

For Renaud Lavoie, there is a logical explanation behind all this.

“Sometimes you have to go back to the basics, because playing against the Canadiens is too easy now. There are too many mistakes on the ice, lack of cohesion. We need to put things back into perspective. Training on Monday was a little more punishing, and today was technical,” the hockey informant noted.

Watch Renaud Lavoie’s full segment in the main video.

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