Carey Price is renting out his house in Candiaco to a Canadiens player

In recent months, Candiac Carey Price’s house has been the talk of the town. After all, we know that he and his wife decided to put it up for sale due to their return to Western Canada.

Result? This season, the Prices are in the suburbs (we can say more since Angela Price became a Canadian citizen) and they are raising their children there.

But despite everything, the prices are tied to Montreal. Carey goes back east from time to time, and Angela said she misses her house in Candiac, a suburb of Montreal.

Last October, she even said, on Instagram, that she wouldn’t necessarily like to sell her house in the suburbs of Montreal. And apparently, in the short term, that’s what happened.

Why am I saying this?

Because Carey Price, in an interview with Dave Stubbs (, said he is renting his house in Candiaco to a Canadiens player this year. We don’t know which player it is, but we know that the house has not been sold.

Note that the house is still for sale ($1.698 million). The couple is therefore renting it out in the meantime.

I don’t know if the couple ended up getting a pied-à-terre in Montreal, but that explains why the family isn’t home when there is a visit to Montreal.

This should therefore allow Price to maintain a relationship with one of his former teammates. For example, when tank the hot water tricked the tenant, the former janitor reported.

I’m talking about keeping in touch with my former teammates since then in Dave Stubbs’ paper, who spoke to #31 in Toronto about ten days agowe learn that Price is no longer part of the group chat (group chat) of the club with his former teammates.

He obviously felt it was time to leave the discussion to the current players… but that didn’t stop him from talking to Jake Allen privately and talking to the other guys.

But we feel more and more that he is procrastinating. He doesn’t necessarily watch every game and says he doesn’t get tired of the many hotel rooms that come with being an NHL player.

Price, who will not put a wire in the wheels of his CEO if he has to replace his contracthe hasn’t skated since May and obviously we feel that taking care of your body and your family is more important than ever.

That’s normal for a guy who doesn’t play anymore.

A lots of

– He does what he has to.

– CH training at 3 pm – or noon in California.

– Sad.

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