Carey Price is ready to waive the no-trade clause

Carey Price is not officially retired, but we know he will never play in the National League again.

His body just can’t take it anymore. This is a reality that is hard to accept for the player, for the organization and for the fans of the Montreal Canadiens.

But even if the goaltender doesn’t play, that doesn’t mean his contract is wiped out: Price’s pact has a $10.5 million impact on CH’s payroll through the end of the 2025-26 season.

The idea of ​​trading his contract has been discussed in the past and the main one in question says he’s ready to do whatever it takes to “help the team as best he can”. He recalled in an interview with Dave Stubbs ( that he was willing to waive his no-trade clause if Kent Hughes found a dance partner:

He said he would waive his no-trade clause if his team could find a buyer for his contract. – Dave Stubbs

What you need to know is that Carey Price will be getting $2 million per season (in real money) until his contract expires…

But you should also know that he will have a $5.5 million bonus on July 1, 2024 and July 1, 2025.

The impact of his contract ($10.5 million) will be the same on the payroll after July 1, 2025, but only $2 million will be left to pay the actual salary.

We’re not talking about an incredible amount and that’s where Kent Hughes could profit because the goalkeeper’s contract will be much easier to trade.

This could be a nice “gamble” for a team (insert name Arizona Coyotes here) looking to respect the salary cap that will increase by that time.

If there is ever a trade in the near future, it will be strange to see Price move to another club… But basically, the goalkeeper said his heart will always be in Montreal.

Don’t worry, though: Carey Price will always be a Canadiens deep down.

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– Good game.

– The truth is that we often forget that.

– I admit that it would be special.

– Big well-deserved contract for Phillies slugger.

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