Canadiens v. Bruins: “I didn’t like it much” – Martin St-Louis

BOSTON | Martin St-Louis summed up his appreciation for his group’s match against the Bruins in a few words.

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“I didn’t like it much,” he said at the end of this 5-2 setback.

The Canadian head coach assured that he is not against the work of his troops, but against the way they work.

“We respected them too much. “Whether it was one-on-one battles, body checks, stick battles around the puck, we were soft,” he said.

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As far as excessive respect goes, Johnathan Kovacevic got along perfectly with his coach. He felt that he and his teammates gave the blue line too easily to the Bruins forwards.

A mistake that allowed the Bostonians to install and develop their stunning offense.

“There’s a fine line between playing it safe and being a little more aggressive. You need to know how to choose the right moment. I think tonight we were too passive on their zone entries,” analyzed the defender.

“We’ve made their lives too easy,” Mike Matheson said on the same topic. They had the puck too often. »

Adjust the thermostat correctly

In the morning, St-Louis, who expected an emotional evening, indicated that it will be essential to find a balance between emotions and the level of competition, in order to remain disciplined while pushing the pedal to the end.

“We must be thermostats, not thermometers. We have to sort things out,” said the Canadian pilot with an analogy whose secret only he knows.

The Canadian offered the Bruins five power plays. Apart from the two minor penalties that Kovačević received in the same series, we cannot say that the Habs controlled their emotions poorly. And when he was at a competitive level? Was the adjustment in place?

“We worked hard, but sometimes it’s not enough. You have to work intelligently,” Matheson said.

Slow start

This is the second time in a row that the Canadian has been taught a lesson by one of the NHL’s powers. Thursday’s 6-5 scoreline in favor of the Vegas Golden Knights in no way reflected the shape of the game. A better response could have been expected in Boston.

“We knew this was not a great home game. We wanted to come together tonight, but it took us half a match before we changed the dynamic a little bit,” underlined Nick Suzuki.

“You can’t go that long. We have to find a way to start better,” he continued.

Canada’s captain hits the nail on the head. Goals by Charlie McAvoy and Trent Frederic (his first of the night) were the 17th and 18th goals the Habs allowed in the first period. For his part, he scored only 10.

Sooner or later, we will have to see.

With Sunday off, the Canadian will train on Monday morning before flying to California to face the Ducks, Sharks and Kings. In the first two cases, we are talking about teams that are within reach of the Canadian.

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