Buffet is once again in favor of a Ministry of Sports budget of 1% of the national budget

254 days before the opening of the 2024 Paris Games, former sports minister (1997-2002) Marie-George Buffet believes that “ It is a good moment to announce that the sports budget in France for the period 2024-2028 will finally reach 1% of the total state budget, as Kultura managed to do in the past. Today it is only about 0.3% “.

He examines the diary Western Franceco-president commission for ethics and democratic life in sport estimate that ” sport is useful for the development of physical and mental abilities of all our fellow citizens. Let’s increase the budget to 1% and create a real public debate with sports stakeholders, elected officials, communities, the state, about the concept of sports practice and what we want in France “.

“(since the attribution of the 2024 Olympic Games to Paris) we have had quite a weakening of state tools for the development of sports practice in our country”

Marie-George Buffet, former Minister of Sports

The former national secretary of the Communist Party is not the only one who is asking for this increase, because the National Association of Elected Officials in Charge of Sports (Andes) is also advocating for an increase in the sports budget. ” In the same way as for culture, we should set a goal of 1% of the national budget for 2030. », Vincent Saulnier, its general secretary, explained to us during the consideration of the sports budget in the Culture Committee of the National Assembly at the end of October. The manager thus expressed his regret about the planned reduction of sports loans after 2024. The budget trajectory is not what we had hoped for, a real inheritance law is needed “, he insisted.

“The soufflé will settle quickly”

Marie-George Buffet asks: “ Since 2017 and the award of JOPs (Olympic and Paralympic Games) in Paris, what happened? A National Agency for Sports was created, the Ministry of Sports came under the supervision of the Ministry of National Education for a moment, before regaining its independence, but without the same resources. Rather, we have seen the weakening of state tools for the development of sports practice in our country. We must use this historic opportunity to hold the Games “.

And insists: ” When there was a movement of women and men of culture to increase their share in the budget to 1%, something happened in the state. Can we lead this fight for sports, with this showcase that is JOP? I hope so, because otherwise, after a small jump in the number of license holders in little-publicized sports that will be highlighted during the Games, in a year or two, the blow will subside quickly. »

If the former Member of Parliament for Seine-Saint-Denis says she is eager to experience the Olympic and Paralympic Games ” for the beauty of the sports spectacle, on the one hand, and to see how the population will take over these games “, that’s on the other side” not a fan » the opening ceremony on the Seine. ” I like that it takes place in the stadium, to pay tribute to the sport, the athletes, on the sports field. (…) We can do great things at the stadium and, above all, we remain in competition with athletes from all over the world. »

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