“Bob, you and I need to talk.”

Last February, Radio-Canada published a extensive investigation into Robert Millera billionaire from Quebec who for many years paid for sex with underage teenage girls, sometimes very young.

After the broadcast, many women came forward Investigation to testify about a similar experience that they would experience in the hands of a businessman. Among them was this young woman whom we will call Annie.

Reading the report ofInvestigation, said she recognized the man who paid her for sexual favors in her early teens. She was one of the first alleged victims to file a complaint against Robert Miller with the Montreal Police Department. Charges have not yet been filed.

Two weeks ago, Investigation received a letter from Annie, addressed to billionaire Robert Miller of Montreal. The one she couldn’t talk to until now, after being omnipresent. She in turn wants him to know what her life was like.

The content of this letter is similar to several testimonies he collected Investigation to what is now called the Miller case. The experience described there is shared by many of the young women who are currently taking Robert Miller and his company Future Electronics to court. That’s why we decided to publish it. The tone is direct.

Robert Miller’s lawyer, Karim Renno, did not want to react to the allegations in this text.

Hey Bob, you and I need to talk. I imagine that over the years your memories of our many encounters have become hazy. Especially since I’m just one of many.

We met at the turn of the year 2000, I was only fourteen years old. At that time I was young, naive, but above all vulnerable. First I saw you as a savior, the one who would put me out of my misery. Worse than my misery, you quickly realized this by taking an interest in me. It’s easy for an older man to take over and manipulate a young, vulnerable teenage girl when you show interest, make promises, and promise a better world. I never realized how these encounters would break me inside for years to come.

“I hid this pain and buried it for years and now it’s over. »

Photo: Radio-Canada / Ivanoh Demers

You know, now I’m a woman in my early forties, with, yes, more knowledge about life, but I also have a lot of scars. I often tend to devalue myself and be angry with myself. I’m ashamed, I’m ashamed that I influenced my friends to follow me during our meetings. Looking back, I realize it was part of the ruse, because in doing so I believed I was becoming your accomplice in vice. However, I now know that I was manipulated into doing this and that it condemned me to silence.

This silence poisoned my life, forcing me to walk in the depths of the world. Yes, bars, drugs, sex, toxic relationships, self-loathing, contempt for men, fear of dying and even fear of life took up residence in me. I hid this pain and buried it for years and now it’s over. I’m taking back control of my life, you’re no longer in control.

I need to look you in the eye to tell you what you put me through, I also need to know that you can see the pain in my eyes as I clearly explain the consequences of your actions in my life.

You may be infinitely rich and old, and let’s face it, in my eyes you were already pretty rich just over 20 years ago, that doesn’t give you the right to abuse, manipulate or exploit others, much less minors.

By taking responsibility for your actions, you will allow us, your survivors, to begin our healing process. In the best of all worlds, the one in which at least I want to live, you too right your wrongs to your victims as much as possible. I’m willing to talk to you to help you understand the damage you’ve done, like the time you wanted me to help you speak French. Sign Annie.

To date, more than 50 women have joined a class-action lawsuit against Robert Miller and the company he founded. The joint lawsuit has not yet been approved by the court, but three more individual lawsuits have been filed against him. As for the police investigation against him, it is still ongoing.

Robert Miller and Future Electronics also dispute all the allegations against them. Robert Miller has left Future’s board following the revelations in our report.

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