Big fight between Wolves and Warriors, three players sent off!

BARFIIIIGHT! After barely two minutes of play between the Warriors and the Wolves, the Dubs saw Klay Thompson and Draymond Green ejected! A very big clash between Jaden McDaniels was the source of the fight, where all the players joined in the fight, mainly to try to separate the protagonists. The Minnesota player who was the source of the commotion also took a shower as ordered by the referees.

What a start to the game! Without Stephen Curry, the Warriors had work to do to overcome the Wolves, who have been attractive since the beginning of the season. They will have to cope without Draymond Green and Klay Thompson, the other two members of Golden State’s historic trio! Jaden McDaniels was also sent off, after a conflict that soon turned into a fight between several players.

Things get heated early and get out of control 👀

— NBCS Warriors (@NBCSWarriors) November 15, 2023

How did this happen ? During an innocuous action, Klay Thompson grabs Jaden McDaniels by the jersey, but doesn’t let go. The latter returns the favor, to the point of ripping Splash Bro’s tunic. Everyone then jumps on the pile, starting with Rudy Gobert putting up a hand to separate Klay from Jaden. Take care? His hand is quite high, almost at the level of his throat. That’s enough for Draymond Green, who catches the French pivot with a clean shot! The pictures are amazing!

Karl-Anthony Towns interferes, grabs Klay to push him away. Very soon all the players on the floor are involved in what looks a lot like a fight. Staff and room security intervene to separate everyone permanently. The judges then begin the harvest after reviewing the images. Double technical foul for Thompson and McDaniels, it turns out. For his gesture worthy of the night’s big UFC card, Green gets a blatant 2, which stands out.

The NBA certainly didn’t appreciate the pictures from the start of the game. If Klay Thompson is normally a calm player and far from this image of a brawler, this is not the case with Draymond Green who should eat very angry in terms of sanctions. Especially for something as dangerous as a choke key. Rudy Gobert was not the target of any sanctions from the referees. Thompson and McDaniels should probably pick a nice plum as well. If there are fines, they should arrive during the day. And we will keep you informed!

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