Bad behavior | The song you can no longer hear: your answers

Last Sunday we asked you which song you could no longer hear in the sports hall. Here are some of the responses we received.

What I find funny are the national anthems before pro games. Those athletes of different nationalities play to earn a living, they don’t care about the country they play in which is not their own. The Canadian, Bruins and others are public entertainers. Okay for the national team, but on a Saturday night, at the Bell Center or at Madison Square Garden, it’s ridiculous.

Charles Talon


Neil Diamond

I can’t hear Neil Diamond’s classic anymore sweet Caroline.
The connection with sports has always eluded me, and that false sense of complicity when the audience sings “Oh oh oh” only distracts me from the real spectacle of athletes on the field. That’s it, it’s been said!

John Keyes

First, I must defend Queen, whose criticism of your boss is particularly harsh. Because despite some unbearable successes, this group produced Czech rhapsody, which is a masterpiece (unfortunately inappropriate for sporting events). But Queen was capable of the best and the worst, and for me it’s a hit that we hear at almost every championship that I can’t stand anymore: We are the champions. Celebrating a championship with such a terrible and boring song should be illegal.

Donald St-Pierre

“Na na na na, na na na na, hey hey, goodbye.” I can’t hear it anymore. Whether it’s played over the speakers or sung by the audience, it annoys me! It seems so childish, juvenile, immature, stupid. Get it out of the stadium forever!

Yves Lahaie


The Ramones

The song that should be eliminated from all sports speakers is Blitzkrieg Bop from the Ramones. Of course, anyone can shout “Hey, ho, let’s go” four times in a row, but no one knows the rest of the lyrics. It creates a rather awkward muttering and head nodding fest every time. Let’s leave this song in the pantheon of punk songs and enjoy other sweet tunes while cheering on our favorites.

Vincent Laniel

It’s not the song we’re playing, but the song that the audience at the Bell Center has been singing for several years now: the famous “olé olé olé”. It was very special at first, but now it’s more irritating than anything else.

Marco Bergeron


Lando Norris, Max Verstappen and Fernando Alonso on the podium at the Formula 1 Brazilian Grand Prix

Toreadors from the opera Carmen during the champagne shower on the Formula 1 podium, I’m no longer fit! I have nothing against opera and classical music, but can we move on to something else?

Jacques Cloutier

The song I can’t hear anymore is the one that plays after the Canadian’s goals (hey): without smell, color and taste. The Loco Locassa song was more appropriate. What I suggest, given that we are in the era of personalization, is to play each player a different song that they have previously selected. The Expos did it in the 1990s and I loved it, it created a great atmosphere.

Simon Dugas

Without identifying one or more pieces in particular, all the pieces played on the organ at the Bell Center irritate my ears. Nostalgia for the old Forum and the Glorious Years is all well and good, but there comes a time when renovation is needed…

Jean Desjardins

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