Another victory for the Knights

After a win on Friday, November 10th against the Riverains, the Knights made the journey just under 3 hours from their home to face the host team of the next CCM Challenge, the Grenadiers de Châteauguay.

Veteran Philippe Boucher is Lévisiens’ goalkeeper, while Grenadiers pilot Marc-Olivier Samson sets up Samuel Meloche in front of the cage. The first started strongly for both teams as they quickly got to the finish line.

First of all, at 2:18, it’s Xavier Bourdages who beat Philippe Boucher after being hit by his teammate Xavier Sabourin on the opposite side. The Knights immediately respond when at 3:01 Maxime Lambert makes a nice forecheck and allows Julien Croteau to feed the puck to veteran Langlois who beats Meloche. After about twenty minutes of play, the two teams return to the locker room tied, but Lévis has a 12-9 advantage in shots on goal.

The second period saw fast-paced play on both ends as the Knights played with fire, earning 3 minor penalties, but Châteauguay could not beat Boucher. At 15:45, Lévis #9 took advantage of a nice entry into the zone, orchestrated by Jacob Boucher, to beat Meloche over the left shoulder. Pier-Luc Giguère’s team returns to the dressing room with a narrow lead.

The last third is the turn for the home team, but Lévis cannot double its lead. At 14:02, Nathan Langlois added more, beating Samuel Meloche with a shot from the right. At this moment it is 3-1 Lévis. Minutes later, Marc-Olivier Samson removes his goalkeeper in favor of a sixth man and his strategy pays off as Charles Hawthornthwaite puts the puck in behind Philippe Boucher. The Knights resist and sign a victory in Châteauguay. Final score 3-2 Lévis.

The Knights will play the next two games at home, while Gaulois de Saint-Hyacinthe will be visiting on Friday, November 17 at 7:30 p.m., and on Sunday, November 19, Albatross will play Collège Notre-Dame. to visit them.

The three RDS stars are:
1st star: Nathan Langlois, Knights
2nd star: Julien Croteau from Vitezov
3rd star: Charles Hawthornthwaite, Grenadiers

With the collaboration of Mathieu Caron, Les Chevaliers de Lévis M18AAA.

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