An event that Patrick Roy did not want to miss

Almost three years after his death, Pierre Lacroix will be inducted into the 2023 Hall of Fame on Monday night, in the constructors’ category.

To witness this wonderful moment, Patrick Roy traveled to Toronto to see his good friend inducted into the ranks of hockey legends.

“I’m so happy for him, I’m so proud to see his talent recognized. I was lucky, because I had him as an agent, but also as a general manager,” said Roy in an interview with Renaud Lavoie.

Initially the goaltender’s agent, Lacroix became the general manager of the Nordiques in 1994, a year before the team moved to Colorado.

He acquired Roy on December 6, 1995, a transaction that would go a long way in helping the Avalanche win the Stanley Cup twice.

“As an agent, he was a guy who had extremely strong values ​​and as a GM he did an outstanding job with the Avalanche. His dream was to win the Stanley Cup and I’m sure he would love to be here in his lifetime,” Roy continued.

See the interview above. Roy also comments on the introduction of Pierre Turgeon and Mike Vernon.

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