Alouettes: Byron Archambault identifies pitfalls to avoid

The Alouettes surprised the entire country by eliminating the mighty Toronto Argonauts in the East final on Saturday.

The Montrealers thus got the chance to face the Winnipeg Blue Bombers in the 110th Gray Cup next Sunday in Hamilton. After beating the odds by dominating the Canadian League’s best team this season, the Alouettes shouldn’t take the Westerners lightly.

Assistant coach and special teams coordinator Byron Archambault identified pitfalls to avoid in an interview on TVA Sports’ “JiC” Monday.

“The first trap is to be amazed by everything that happens. This is new for us because the Blue Bombers are competing in the Gray Cup for the fourth year in a row, so they are used to and familiar with the process during the week. You have to be 100 miles an hour. You must not be distracted. We’ve already talked to the players about it,” said the former Carabins from the University of Montreal.

Archambault admits that he “has work to do”, but approaches the final with great optimism.

“The boys are convinced. We’ve seen a lot of progress in terms of momentum and learning over the past few weeks. We entered the series with 100% confidence. Guys believe in it.”

Watch the full interview with Byron Archambault in the video above.

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