Alexis Galarneau: investing in yourself

In this 87th Women’s Hockey Podcast presented by IGA, Isabelle gets a rising tennis star from Laval: Alexis Galarneau.

Known for his expressive playing, Alexis Galarneau won the Challenger Banque Nationale de Granby this summer. He just represented Canada in the Davis Cup. In addition to his performances on the court, he stands out as the ambassador of the Canadian tennis club Beneva Mental Break. For him, it is important to talk about mental health in sports. A lover of hockey, Alexis explains to us why he chose tennis even though hockey is very present in his family.

Discover his sources of inspiration, his meditation “playlist” that includes the Cowboys Fringants, and the importance of meditation in his pregame routine.

In this podcast, Alexis reveals her memorable moments, her personal dreams and her admiration for iconic characters like Sidney Crosby. A family man, Alexis Galarneau tells us about the importance of his mother, as well as his siblings, who played a role in his journey.

Our guest shows all his wisdom in this very competitive sport. He took the opportunity to reveal to us a juicy anecdote from his young career with his compatriot Félix Auger-Aliassime. He also mentions the possibility of playing mixed doubles with two Laval residents, Isabelle and Leylah Fernandez.

Let’s Talk About Hockey (2:32)

  • You are a hockey fan, why did you choose tennis and not hockey?
  • You are the ambassador of Beneva Mental Break, why?
  • What’s your hockey song?
  • What fuels your passion?
  • What is your biggest dream?
  • Do you want to further develop your doubles game?
  • You can gather three people at the table. Who and why?
  • What is your background?
  • What is your childhood recipe?

Shooting (11:21)

  • Christmas or Halloween?
  • Invest or save?
  • Toasted or steamed?
  • Space or ocean?
  • Steal or be invisible?
  • Short or long hair?
  • Nadal or Crosby?

Problems and place of women in sports (12:57)

  • Who is the woman who inspires you and who marked your path?
  • Is there a player you particularly admire?

Pallet passage (16:08)

  • What moment, person or organization changed your career or life?
  • I’m giving you a chance to hand over a palette to an organization, which one would it be?

Echoes in the dressing room (19:15)

  • Share with us an untold story from your career.

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