A spectacular case of rampage on the road: the victim escaped without a single scratch

A young man who was the victim of extreme road rage in the middle of Notre-Dame Street in Montreal can count himself lucky to have suffered no injuries, even though his vehicle was deliberately pushed into a ravine.

The incident, which could have had much more serious consequences, took place at around 1 pm on rue Notre-Dame Est, near the intersection of rue Alphonse-D.-Roy, in Hochelaga-Maisonneuve.


For an as yet unknown reason, the enraged driver allegedly deliberately caused a collision with another 20-year-old driver.

His SUV then veered off the road, before plunging into a ravine and ending its journey upside down on the Canadian Pacific Railway.


The driver miraculously managed to extricate himself from his vehicle and return to dry land without any injuries.

As for the suspicious vehicle, it was not found even by the end of the afternoon.


The incident caused a major traffic jam in the area due to the temporary closure of the traffic lane. Collision scene investigators from the Montreal police responded to the scene to try to determine the circumstances of the hit-and-run.

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