A Quebec company that dresses NHL coaches

After the Pittsburgh Steelers, in the NFL, the Surmesur company from Quebec was awarded a contract to become the official coach trainer of the National Hockey League (NHL).

In an interview on LCN’s “Québec Matin” show, Jean-Pierre Lachance, the company’s marketing director, did not hide his delight at this news.

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“For a Quebec company to become the official supplier of all NHL coaches, it’s a fantastic deal for us. We will get a lot of visibility in Canada and the United States,” he stated.

Surmesur has branches in Montreal, Quebec, Toronto, Vancouver, Pittsburgh and even Mexico City. Also a visit from an NHL member made this partnership possible.

“He’s someone from the NHL who saw the partnership (with the Steelers), who came to the trade and liked the service. He then put us in touch, continued Jean-Pierre Lachance. The league was looking for a company that was committed to serving its coaches everywhere. (…) We allow it to come almost everywhere in our markets.”

“Everything we do is custom made. There is no such thing as pre-made ready-to-wear. (…) The trainers will agree and get to know their stylist, and create the pieces they need. (…) Surmesur offers a package of more casual products such as breathable jackets or t-shirts, which allows us to dress all trainers.”

An ambitious goal

This contract, signed with the National Hockey League Coaches Association (NHLCA) over the summer, will not be limited to head instructors. Indeed, all members of the professional staff will be able to benefit from this association.

If we go by Lachance’s words, the feedback is nothing but positive right now, which leaves the company ambitious for the future.

“It’s for all the “coaches” for the 2023-2024 season,” he said. For now, we only receive positive messages from trainers who are really satisfied with the service we offer them and the product they will receive. I believe that this is an agreement that will last over time and our goal is to have all coaches trained by the end of next season.”

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