A multi-sport athlete, Malix Simeon juggles hockey, football and basketball

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Malix Simeon is a young student from Polyvalente de Saint-Georges who decided to follow three different sports programs during his education.

A three-sport athlete of Zmajeva, he plays in the U18 hockey and soccer teams, and from this year he also plays basketball. EnBeauce.com went to meet him.

I think it’s always good to play more than just one sport. Aspects you can adopt in one sport can also help you improve in another “, explained Malix Simeon.

For example, even if the two sports are very different, the physical aspect of hockey can help an athlete play soccer.

The solitary aspect of basketball also helps you as a player, both in hockey and football “, he added.

Exemplary physical condition

Playing three different sports requires physical and mental maintenance that is not always easy to maintain.

As for sleep, for example, it’s never easy to get eight hours of sleep when you come back at 3am from somewhere else in the world. On top of that, you can have another match the next day. Of course, sometimes it is difficult », the young athlete detailed.

A good balanced diet helps, among other things, physical and muscle recovery. ” As for me, cold baths help me a lot and have saved me from many injuries (laughs) “.

In the future, Malix Simeon has long-term goals to continue performing in several sports, perhaps on the other side of the border.

I always dreamed of playing in the United States, whether it was hockey or soccer. I think the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) is a great college league, to come out of there with a degree “, concluded Malix Simeon.

Watch the full video interview with Malix Simeon above.

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